Unleash Your Speaker Power 2021

So much has changed this year. When we last met in January nobody could have predicted the massive disruption the professional speaker industry would go through. However, 2020 has given us all new opportunities. To take advantage of them we must adapt to the new paradigm.

Through 2020, Leanne Christie has gained a lot of experience navigating the new virtual and hybrid landscape for her managed speakers at ODE Management and exclusive speakers at Ovations International.

During the year Leanne created and produced the first virtual global speaker showcase, Reboot – a truly groundbreaking event that reached 3000 meeting planners from 18 different countries. She did this by leveraging her international bureau relationships and partnered with 21 bureaus from 9 different countries.

In another first for the industry, September saw Leanne and Cliftons Sydney run the first Hybrid Speaker Showcase, Elevate. Leanne’s commitment to coaching speakers also saw her Million Dollar Mastermind group of speakers successfully develop their own virtual speaker showcase, Transform & Thrive.

This December will be an excellent opportunity to prepare for 2021, so you too can reap the rewards of the new speaking world.

As always, Leanne will be sharing generously some of the best learnings she has had from adapting and resetting many speakers businesses this year.

Presentation takeaways:

  • How to reposition your marketing for the hybrid and virtual world
  • How and why the best speakers have changed their website strategy
  • Top tips for creating your new virtual/hybrid demo reel
  • How to find leads quickly and easily to convert to virtual
  • Many sales tips we have used to restart our speakers’ businesses

Can I come again if I came last January?

Yes, the whole speaking world has completely changed and so our speaking business needs to adapt.

Will it be ok to come if I didn’t come in December?

Yes, we make each of our seminars stand alone so you won’t feel like you have missed anything.

Presentation from:
Leanne Christie, Chief of Everything O, House of O

Founded over 33 years ago, Leanne is the Chief of Everything O at Ovations. Leanne with her entrepreneur spirit has often been referred to as the Million Dollar Maker having steered and coached many Speakers throughout her career to earn over $1million of speaking revenue!

Leanne also founded Ode Speaker Management 13 years ago and is proud to be the only truly global speaker management company in the world. With staff in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, they manage Speakers in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.